Tips for improving Motivation 

Here are some insights from the 'Learn how to boost motivation and personal drive' Audio Masterclass (this content is only available to Me Power® programme members. To upgrade click HERE).

1. Do you have a big meaningful reason to make a change in your life or work?

2. Out 10 (10 being the best you can be) how well are you doing your best to be your best and achieve your weekly goals?

3. Remind yourself that it is possible for us all to make changes because we are a combination of nature plus nurture.

4. Do you understand ‘Why’ you want to achieve your goals?

5. Regularly create and update your F.A.M. Story.

6. Can you connect your short-term goals and habits (i.e. today) to your future goals?

7. Maintain a process of reviewing these on a weekly and monthly basis.

8. Write a ‘Fail Story’ i.e. what don’t you want your future to look like?

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