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Weekly 3:1
Weekly 3:1

Complete your 'Weekly 3:1 Reflection' in three simple steps.

1. 'Rate (out of 10) how well you did your best to be your best and achieve your goals this week'. 10 means you were perfect.

2. Write down at least three positive or helpful things about this week, and one thing you can do next week that will help you to be your best more often. 

3. Write down 'Why' doing this thing will help you to be your best more often. 

Here is my example: 

1.    Best doing score - 6/10

2.    3:1 + I was more productive than I have been in recent weeks; + I didn't put on any weight; + I prioritised quality family time on Sunday; - I need to complete a TEA Plan every day

3.    Why? - It just makes me feel better about myself.

Watch this video to learn more.

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Jo-Ann Rolle
Storyteller who transforms dreams into reality
1. 7/10 2. Decluttered makeup and bath products.. first time since owning home...have to friends family and charity ... literally took days and bags of trash and sorted giveaways 3. Feels good because now I can find the stuff that... (More)
Dr Jon Finn
Tougher Minds® and MePower-TeamPower® Founder
1. Best doing score - 9/10 2. 3:1 + Really productive week; + Gained some great insights the applications of behavioural science; + Lots of great feedback about our work; - Don't do any work tomorrow (Sat) 3. Why? -... (More)
3:1 Weekly reflection 1. Best doing score: 7/10 2. 3:1 +good exercise +good diet +regular meditation +daily TEA plans. Really pleased to have found this programme and to be engaging in it -need to write a daily 3:1 reflection. 3.... (More)
3:1 Weekly Reflection 1. Best doing score - 8/10 2. 3:1 + Good productivity when working + Good diet discipline + Sleep quality improved due to greater focus on getting 'fresh air' not just doing 'fitness'. - Do a TEA... (More)