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PODCAST - Covid-19 : Well-being & Productivity tips - Part 1

Tougher Minds' Founder Dr Jon Finn talks about how we can maintain our Well-being and Productivity at this very challenging time for our communities, societies and our world.

To listen to this Tougher Minds podcast on your platform of choice,... (More)

Small steps for a better mind

There is growing evidence that people, young and old, are suffering more from mental health problems than ever before. And well-intended movements are trying to help them cope better with the challenges of modern life.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock recently... (More)

The Greatest Human Strength - the science of well-being & performance

In this Tougher Minds Masterclass about The Greatest Human Strength we explain the science of well-being and performance. Specifically we focus on:

  • How we can be healthier, happier and at our best more often in our work and life.
  • The... (More)

Nine insights about our habits

The following nine statements capture how habits drive our behaviour. By understanding this, we can begin to develop new helpful habits which lead to improved well-being, enhanced resilience, better personal performance and transformational leadership.

The nine insights about our... (More)