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Habits & Change Management Success
Habits & Change Management Success

Building new Habits is the heartbeat of successful change. We can help you, your team and family members, and organisation to successfully build new Habits in order to manage change and achieve success. 

Post your Habit Building and Change Management questions here, and tag us in, '@Tougher Minds Team', so we can help.

The 'How to sustain good diet, exercise and sleep habits (Step 3)' Audio Masterclass will show you how to use our Habit Building Plan, so you that can systematically and consistently build sustainable new habits. 

To learn more about successfully leading change listen to the ‘The Cultural Architect’ Audio Masterclass. 

Both Audio Masterclasses are part of our MePower-TeamPower® ON-DEMAND COACHING🏅- experience the full range of benefits by signing up for FREE).

Nine insights about our habits

The following nine statements capture how habits drive our behaviour. By understanding this, we can begin to develop new helpful habits which lead to improved well-being, enhanced resilience, better personal performance and transformational leadership.

The nine insights about our... (More)

AUDIO MASTERCLASS - Well-being & Performance Habits - the root cause of happiness and success in work and life

In this FREE Masterclass, Tougher Minds Founder Dr Jon Finn discusses the root cause of happiness and success in work and life.

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Dr Jon Finn
Tougher Minds® and MePower-TeamPower® Founder

Habit building tips

Here are some insights from the ‘How to build more helpful habits’ Audio Masterclass (this content is part of our MePower-TeamPower® ON-DEMAND COACHING 🏅- experience the full range of benefits by signing up for FREE).

To supercharge... (More)

Dr Jon Finn
Tougher Minds® and MePower-TeamPower® Founder

The ‘9 Action Factors Model’ for building new Habits and successful Behaviour Change

Why do people do what they do?

How can your Transformational Leaders use insights from behavioural science to change other people’s behaviour and help achieve organisational goals?

Providing effective answers to the above questions is not easy. Most efforts to... (More)