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Family Success
Family Success

We can help you and your family Thrive and Succeed.

Post your questions here about helping you and your family Thrive and Succeed, and tag us in, '@Tougher Minds Team', so we can help.

The 'School Success programme for Parents' will show you how to help your children develop a set of transferable life skills that make it easier for them to...

– Build better sleep, diet and exercise habits
– Improve confidence
– Build new helpful habits that make being happy and successful easier
– Boost motivation and personal drive
– Be more productive – including developing more balanced usage of phones, internet and games
– Improve concentration
– Learn more efficiently and effectively
– Optimise revision
– Improve exam results

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Do you know what costs £5 and reduces arguments between parents and teenagers?

If you're a parent or guardian and you want to know the answer to this question, read this blog which explains how we can use behavioural science to help families work together to improve revision and learning. To read... (More)

Do you understand how to improve young people’s wellbeing and personal performance?

In this episode of our 'School Success' Podcast, we explain how understanding human behaviour and the brain can help improve young people’s wellbeing and personal performance.

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Avoid bad exam grades with effortful revision.

In this 'School Success' Podcast, we explain how young people can successfully prepare to perform at their best, in all types of exams.

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Do you want to understand more about Well-being & Performance HABITS for success at school and in exams?

Listen to our FREE audio Masterclass on your podcast platform of choice or just click the player below. @Dr Jon Finn discusses the science of happiness and fulfilled potential in life, education and work.

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