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5 Day Challenge
5 Day Challenge

In a few minutes per day Boost Well-being & Performance. Have more great days, weeks and months. 

Step 1 - Take the A.P.E. Brain Test (2 - 4 mins)

Step 2 - Complete a Daily T.E.A. Plan on 5 consecutive days (2 mins per day)

Step 3 - Book into our Daily Coaching sessions to help you succeed 

Step 4 - At the end of the fifth day also complete a Weekly 3:1 Reflection 

Step 5 - Celebrate your success 🎉  and go back to Step 1 to start again!

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5 Day Challenge


We'd like to welcome @Yayra Abduraimova to the MePower-TeamPower® On-Demand Coaching Community Forum. Hello there!

Why not start by taking the MePower-TeamPower® '5 Day Challenge'.

You can do that here.

Also, if you have any questions, please post them... (More)

Dr Jon Finn
Tougher Minds® and MePower-TeamPower® Founder
Thursday's T.E.A. Plan 😁 Best doing score - 9/10. T.E.A. - Do 40 press ups this afternoon Why? - Will make me feel better, and make it easier to focus. Andrew Whitelam Tougher Minds Team Laura Lucia Rossi @[[Willamin... (More)
Friday's TEA Plan
Best doing score - 9/10.
T.E.A. - Complete my 3:1 reflection at the end of today.
Why? - To have a satisfying finish to the week.

Tougher Minds Team
Thursday's T.E.A. Plan
Best doing score - 8.5/10.
T.E.A. - Keep walking at lunchtime
Why? - No doubt it works so well for me.

Tougher Minds Team